The program 4 - Partnerships in priority fields
The direction of research : 7 - Materials, processes and inovative products

CONTRACT Nr. 71-055 / 18.09.2007

<< X, gamma, neutron radiation and alfa-beta monitoring system, with remote data transmission for radiological hazardous areasS>>

Coordinator: INFLPR



The principal radiation producing installations of the partners implicated in the project are the X radiation generators, electron beam accelerators, betatrons, cyclotrons and nuclear reactor. They produce superior radiations to the ones emitted by radioactive sources and thus permit a wide spread of the industrial applications of ionizing radiations. Although compared with the isotopic sources, the particle accelerators, for instance, are installations that require large fabrication and operating expense, it is for the various possibilities of choosing and establishing the parameters of the produced radiation, depending on the practical necessities, that they imposed themselves in many applications. The nuclear reactor presents a very heterogeneous source of radiation that besides rapid and slow neutrons produced directly through the nuclear combustible fission, presents all types of radiation: alpha, beta, gamma, protons and heavy nuclea. The neutron sources provide monoenergetical fast neutron fascicles for special level gauges, activation analysis, installations own by partners involved in the project. Under these circumstances, special attention is paid to radioprotection and ionizing radiation effects on the employed personnel. The most important rule in the protection against radiation is the ALARA Principle, which says that any exposure of the personnel would be as low as possible. Due to the fact that the participants to the project carry out their activities in units where radiation-producing installations are in function (x radiation generators, electron accelerators, betatrons, cyclotrons) respectively radioactive waste treatment and storage facilities, radioisotopes processing centers or accomplish services for industrial radiometrical gauges, we find it proper to design and to implement a complex monitoring system for x, gamma, neutron radiation and alpha – beta contamination, with remote data transmission. The purpose is to supervise areas with potential radiological risks and the possible extension to industrial users, beneficiaries of the co financial partner. The system will be provided with radiation probes especially chosen to cover the entire area of risks (type of radiation, measurement range, energy, radiation/contamination), communication software with the probes, bi-directional communication between the communication modules and the coordination center. The center will be provided with computer system, communication and a specialized software for acquisition, processing, storage and database creation. In this way, the radiological risk, to which it is exposed both the personnel who carry on activities in these facilities and the people who indirectly interact with the installations it, will be precisely determined.